It has taken me years, but I finally have this website functioning more or less the way I have been envisioning it for some time.  That is because Blogger finally allows you to set up pages that allow bloggers to post static messages such as “About Me,” “Contact,” etc.  These are perfect for setting up pages for biographical information, and information about various practice areas.  Of course I could have changed a while ago to a more sophisticated blogging platform, but Blogger has the advantage of being pretty easy to use.  There were also some work-arounds I could have tried, but never did.  I waited until Blogger set it up for me.  So even though I don’t know much about the programming necessary to set up a website–my 14 year old kid probably knows more HTML code than I do–I have been able through trial and error and experience to figure out how to create a pretty decent-looking site, if I do say so myself.  So thank you Google and Blogger.

Comments, and especially compliments, are welcome.  The site could probably still use a little tweaking here and there.

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