Mediation: We can work it out

Trials have an important place in our legal system, and I maintain an active trial practice just for those occasions. But I came to the conclusion many years ago that most litigation activity is unproductive for both parties — and I believe most cases should be settled. I enjoy bringing parties together and helping them work out a better solution than either of them might have been able to achieve in court. And, yes, I’m good at it.

In addition to the many mediations I have conducted over the past two decades, I have taken well over 200 hours of courses and seminars on mediation, and I do a lot of reading and writing on the subject.

Mediation works by allowing parties to listen to each other’s point of view. It encourages parties to work together constructively to solve the common problem — the dispute — and fairly evaluate the costs and benefits of settlement vs. the costs and benefits of pursuing a case to trial. 

I have successfully mediated cases involving a wide range of subject matter, including: 

  • corporate and partnership disputes
  • commercial transactions
  • intellectual property
  • personal injury
  • employment law
  • real estate 
  • entertainment litigation

Call me at (213) 437-1720 if you are wondering at what point mediation might be appropriate in your case, or if you have any other questions about procedures or rates.

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“Joe has high integrity and great work ethics. He is experienced in business related transactions and be able to recommend the best solution possible in the circumstances.”

– Mieko Braun, JD – Director of Business Development