Employment Law


California employment law is a minefield. From the employer’s point of view, compliance with complicated statutes, wage order and caselaw can be exasperatingly difficult. From the employee’s point of view, ascertaining and enforcing your rights can be scary and stressful.

My substantial experience representing both employers and employees in wage and hour, discrimination, and wrongful termination disputes is beneficial regardless of which side the client is on.

Currently, I am co-counsel for the defense in a large class action wage and hour case. I have also advised employers on classification, discipline and termination, and traditional labor law issues.

I also represent employees in wrongful termination cases, wage and hour disputes, and claims of discrimination. I have handled age discrimination, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment claims on behalf of both employees and employers, as well as claims based on disability and race discrimination. I was involved with seven sex discrimination cases on behalf of State Farm Insurance Company as part of an enormous class action suit by women who claimed they were denied the opportunity to become agents. I obtained a landmark ruling from the California Sixth District Court of Appeal on behalf of a terminated executive, declaring the company’s contracts requiring the arbitration of employment claims unenforceable. I have also handled wrongful termination claims based on contract, as well as unfair competition claims based on alleged breaches of confidentiality restrictions and restrictive covenants. 


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“Joe and I were partners together in the 1990’s at the large international law firm of Morrison & Foerster. Based on that experience, I know Joe’s work to be of the highest quality. He is smart, well-versed in the law, and shows excellent judgment. I recommend him without any reservations.”

– Ken G., attorney