Problem-Solver, Mediator, Trial Lawyer

Joe Markowitz brings a practical, problem-solving approach to resolving business conflicts. In practice more than 30 years, he has represented individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations, handling all manner of commercial disputes including cases involving employment law, intellectual property, entertainment law, real estate, and bankruptcy litigation.
“Whenever possible, I try to resolve disputes without litigation. And even when initiating or responding to a lawsuit is necessary, I try to avoid disputes over matters tangential to the client’s interests. The goal is to achieve favorable and cost-effective resolution of the problem."

Business Litigation

Business disputes are as inevitable as they are disruptive. My goal is to minimize that disruption and help achieve a business-like solution. Having 30 years of experience handling cases involving a wide range...

Employment Law

California employment law is a minefield. From the employer’s point of view, compliance with complicated statutes, wage order and caselaw can be exasperatingly difficult. From the employee’s point of view...

Intellectual Property

Across the spectrum of patent, copyright, trademark and other IP matters, I have helped clients determine the smartest method to protect their valuable property and defend themselves against unwarranted claims...





Mediation has become a preferred means of dispute resolution, because it has proven its effectiveness in achieving satisfying time and cost-saving outcomes over which the parties maintain control. I have more than 20 years of experience as a mediator, and have read, written and spoken extensively on the topic. I was president of the Southern California Mediation Association in 2014.

Parties choosing me as a mediator can expect to achieve–at least–effective communication with their adversary, and greater clarity as to their alternatives. My approach is flexible and attuned to the needs of the parties.

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